Lennox Head-Alstonville SLSC Surf Boats

"Using craft discarded as unserviceable by Captain Cook they train like men possessed for nine months of the year in gyms, rivers, lakes and surf. Then showing brawn can out manoeuvre brain, they begin a classic preparation for major races in an ancient and ritualistic way. Firstly, they protest about the depth of the water, then about the buoys and the distance of the race. When they get through protesting, they perform a barbaric and sometimes erotic ritual.....they pull their costumes so tight as to expose the cheeks of their behinds. At the starter's gun they jump in and row like madmen, backwards into crashing waves, so as not to anticipate the moment of impact as legs and arms might be shattered. Through all this, one man reigns supreme, the sweep. While the crew is lashed by wind and water, he has full wetsuit or is dressed in football gear, showing at least one man in five has intelligence."
Peter Lacey, Surf Lifesaving Australia 75th Anniversary Dinner.

Training Day at The Point for the Lennox "A" Crew

The rowing fraternity at Lennox Head SLSA continues to grow to the point that putting three boats with crews regularly in the water is not a problem. There are three crews of regulars, whom are ably supported by a group of regular substitutes! It is vitally important that all rowers get time in the boats, and this is one of our major logistical tasks.

Great news for the group is that we are excited to advise that we have been lucky enough to gain the assistance of Darcy Morrow, one of the more respected sweeps within the Far North Coast, and indeed the Surf Boat movement. What Darcy has forgotten about Surf Boats, is more than most of us involved in the boats will ever know.

Hamish's last row....Darcy is an accredited Surf Boat coach and sweep, and has taken charge of our ‘Open’ Ladies crew, having them hard at work two mornings a week. Darcy will also help out with the other two boat crews, The FOBs and The Imbers, however is committed to sweeping the girls to where they wanna be. To have someone of Darcy’s ability helping us out and giving us all direction and instruction is a real coup.

The group is endeavouring to schedule a Sunday….after Nippers…. on a day that doesn’t compete with other Nipper engagements (not that easy!)…. where any Club member interested, can come and have a row with us in the Lake. Guaranteed fun!

Do not hesitate to make contact with any rowers if you are in the slightest bit interested. Drop me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or stand by for more news and information on our website, where all relevant info will be posted.


Chris Fabri
Senior Boat Captain

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